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Archangel Michael is the leader of the Angels army in the battle of Light against Darkness.
He is the ultimate protector and “God’s warrior” who protects us from the evil forces.

michaelAngels in our lives entries love, goodness and mercy on daily basis. If we lose contact with the angels, we feel alone, separated from God – that is creating confusion and fear.
Fear attracts all kinds of bad energies and opens us the negative impacts of other people and beings. The solution is to trust the angels, their invocation and prayer for protection.

Name Michael  means “One who is like God”. He is the most famous of all the archangels. In the Bible, he is mentioned as an angel who appeared before Moses as a burning bush. And the one who rescued Daniel from the lion’s cave and one who Mary announced her impending death.  He is the defender of light and goodness, a fighter against evil.  He is usually show with a sword or spear in his hand. He wears steel armor with a lion or a dragon symbol. Leo represents an all-powerful force, courage and life energy the Michael gives us. The dragon is a symbol of our fears that our angel helps overcome.

Michael is the angel of joy and balance which he bring to humans. It helps people to get rid of negative thoughts.  He helps souls on the path to the Divine Light, and devotees in achieving enlightenment. light. This archangel can purify the negative energy as well one minds and hearts, and also one home and workplace. He’s take care about our energy and enthusiasm, bringing us hope. Michael is an archangel of fire and the South.  He is represented on the Zodiac as Leo Sign .

When we pray to Him, it is good to turn to the South and try to imagine the fiery-red character who gives us strength and protection. It is good call on him when we feel threatened or attacked because we are defending and protecting from evil of every kind.

Color: red, orange
Element: Fire
The world: South
Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Fragrance: bay leaves, pepper, cinnamon

Prayer Archangel Michael:

“Angel Michael, fill my soul and body of angelic light and protect me from all evil! Amen!”

From the book of the Angels cards – the easiest way to communicate with angels authors Zeljka Tokic and Dana Šercar

Copyright © Angels center, HTA

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